VeganMoFo – Stir fry sauce and soy sauce

The older bottles of this used to be called Vegetarian Oyster Sauce but they changed the name, presumably because it didn’t really contain any oysters. The ingredients are the same though and if anyone comments that there’s a hidden non vegan ingredient in it I will cry. I can pick this up at my local chinese supermarket but I’m not sure how widely available it is otherwise. I’ve not seen it in any supermarkets. It’s really great for adding a depth of flavour to Asian dishes and just a splash can transform a simple pan full of stir fried spinach into something exotic. It has that same umami flavour that I spoke about when I wrote about marmite, so there’s no doubt I’d love it.

Before I became vegan I used to save soy sauce for Chinese dishes. Silly me. It gives a wonderful saltiness to all sorts of sauces, gravies, stews and casseroles. I add a splash to brown rice cooking water instead of salt. More umami. I used to swear blind that Kikkoman soy sauce was the only brand for me but when I discovered the Pearl River brand I changed allegiances and this is by far my preferred brand now. It comes in great big bottles too, which I need because I get through them very quickly. I do use some tamari when testing especially calls for it but Pearl River Light is my fave. There’s a dark version too but it’s not as salty and colours dishes very dark.

Two nice quick easy ways to transform dishes which needn’t be reserved for chinese food.


6 thoughts on “VeganMoFo – Stir fry sauce and soy sauce

  1. I use the stir fry sauce too, I was told that food standards made them change the name because, as you said, it doesn’t contain oysters. I always have a bottle in the fridge and slap it into basic stir fries to add some flavour!

    I like the Pearl River mushroom soy sauce, it’s really dark and has wonderful flavour. I always used Kikoman as well and would buy it in huge bottles from the Chinese Supermarket. Nowadays I don’t use as much of it as I can’t find an organic version so I just buy Sainsburys low salt instead and try not to use it too often.

  2. i think it’s good they changed the name! i haven’t tried that brand yet, but i’ve had a lot of other really good “stir-fry” sauces. sometimes i just use teriayaki though, simple and delish. 🙂 i love umami! haha

  3. I like Pearl River, too — I was staring at all the soy sauces at a shop in Chinatown in Glasgow and a guy stocking shelves came over and said everybody in China pretty much uses Pearl River and that it’s pretty good.

    It’s so cheap, too!!

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