VeganMoFo – Taifun sausages

As a general rule, I like to make my own sausages. I use a lot of variations of the steamed sausage – I usually use this recipe, which could really be a post of its own of things I like. They freeze beautifully and are great on pizza, in pasta or fried with greens using the reipe from Vegan Brunch. (£7.44, seriously, that must be the best bargain in the world, buy it now!).

However, if I want a sausage sandwich on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea, maybe I’m a slight bit hungover, then I turn to these Taifun sausages. I used to use the Realeat ones but they’re quite hard to track down and very greasy. These Taifun sausages manage to fulfil the English breakfast sausage test, but are actually very healthy being made from tofu and herbs. They work quite well in stews or casseroles but they’re at their best with a touch of English mustard or ketchup either in a sandwich or on a breakfast plate with mushrooms, baked beans and hash browns. Yum.


7 thoughts on “VeganMoFo – Taifun sausages

  1. I love taifun sausages, though I haven’t tried this specific kind (I think my health food store usually has the mini-wieners). If I ever see these grill sausages, I’ll definitely try them!

  2. I LOVE those sausages, you’re right they are great in a sandwich. I don’t buy them that often because they’re a bit expensive & I like making my own seitan sausages.

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