VeganMofo is here again – Vintage Roots

Once again hundreds of bloggers from around the world are blogging about vegan food most days for a month. I managed to blog everyday last year with 31 cookbook reviews. For a librarian my tagging of blog posts is shameful so you’ll probably have to just scroll back if you want to find them because I know I didn’t tag them all properly. And I used some of the cover pictures from Amazon and they’ve disappeared now, so they’re not as pretty as they used to be either.

This year I’m going to have a simple theme – and it’s stuff I like. It might be recipes, it might be ingredients, it might be websites or it might be shops. And some of it will almost certainly be specific to the UK, but that’s just too bad. Unless I specify, I’ve paid for everything I write about and haven’t had any incentives to write about them other than liking them.

The first thing I like is an online shop called Vintage Roots. Most people know by now that a lot of alcohol isn’t vegan because either fish bladder or egg white is included in the process of making it. These days, wine is pretty much the only alcohol I drink and I order it from the case load from Vintage Roots. You can choose to search for only vegan wines or search by country, wine type, price or grape, and all vegan wines are labelled. There’s a good choice, helpful descriptions and a very easy to use website. If you’re new to wine there are often good offers on their mixed cases too.

All of my favourites come from Chile. The Adobe Sauvignon Blanc is pretty much my favourite white wine, beating its New Zealand rivals outright. The Novas reds are a delight and work beautifully with all the South American food we eat. And the Coyam, now that’s really special.

From France, we like the Domaine de Brau red wines (search for Brau) and there’s even an English white we’re drinking a fair bit of,  the Horsmonden.

Supermarkets have got better at labelling their wines now – just this morning I was pleasantly surprised at how many of their “Taste the Difference” range Sainsbury’s have got labelled vegan. That’s convenient for just picking up a bottle, but I really encourage you to try out a case from Vintage Roots and support an independent company.



7 thoughts on “VeganMofo is here again – Vintage Roots

  1. I used to order from Virgin Wines because you can search for vegan wines on their website. However, it was just so expensive so I just buy from the Co-op now as all their wines are marked whether they’re vegan or not and they have a pretty good selection.

    I have a Novas red open at the moment from my last order with Virgin, it’s probably my fave red but more pricey than I’d usually pay! I also used to get the Adobe’s from Virgin and loved them!

    Looking forward to what you’re going to write about, it’s always nice to have UK vegan suggestions! I don’t have a theme other than trying to post regularly!

  2. I’m looking forward to reading all about the stuff you like this month, as for wine well, I’m not really a wine person but I was excited to discover that Sainsbury’s 99pence bottles of cooking wine are vegan!

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