Corn Dogs and Tots

This is the first in an irregular series called “Recreating America”, whereby I take one of the dishes we ate on holiday and recreate it at home.

This first one recreated the corn dogs and tater tots I ordered at Hungry Tiger Too in Portland. The recipe for the corn dogs – both the sausage inside and the batter – comes from the forthcoming book Vegan Substitutions by the fabulous Celine Steen and Joni Newman. I made a full batch of the sausages and froze them, so it was very easy to just pull a few out and whip up the batter when I got in late from football. (In the book there’s also a very unusual chilli which works fabulously on these sausages on chili dogs).

I’ve been on a Tot hunt in the UK for years and tried all manner of substitutes from chopping up frozen hash browns to Aunt Bessie’s potato croquettes. But thanks to the other intrepid bunch of  UK Tot hunters at the PPK I’ve discovered Potato Crunchies from Morrisons. They aren’t quite as perfect as Tots but they’re a damn good substitution.

I couldn’t quite decide whether I wanted mayo, grain mustard or hot sauce on the corn dog so I mixed all 3 together to pour over. Fabulous.


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