Food Network Friday – Double Dipped Fried Chicken

Kim chose the recipe for this Food Network Friday, based on a Tyler Florence recipe. I’m not addicted to Tyler like I am some of the other Food Network presenters, but I do like him. And who is going to refuse fried chicken?

I did a very straightforward translation of this one – all I did was switch the buttermilk for soya milk which I curdled with lemon juice, and a seitan chicken steak for the chicken. I had some in the freezer which were leftover from something I’d tested, I think maybe for Joni? I used a bit more chilli sauce than Tyler but I still couldn’t taste it much. It wasn’t so different from other fried seitan recipes I’ve tried but I did thoroughly enjoy it. Am I the only person who ALWAYS has milk slurry and flour mix leftover when I’m breading? No matter how much I cut it down there’s leftovers which I sulk about wasting.

I like to try and serve FNF recipes with something else from that chef, so I clicked on the link to see the rest of the episode, and saw he’d made some baked beans. Perfect! Somehow I didn’t get round to testing the baked beans from American Vegan Kitchen, so I made them alongside the creamed corn which I also had managed to miss during testing. The bean recipe makes tonnes but they are beautiful and smoky so I’m looking forward to having the rest with another meal. The corn was really creamy and a perfect accompaniment to the chicken and beans.


4 thoughts on “Food Network Friday – Double Dipped Fried Chicken

  1. Yum! I can’t handle all these pic’s of fried chickeny seitan I keep seeing – I think I’m going to have to make this for dinner incredibly soon.

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