Kara coconut milk

I was delighted when the people at Kara sent me some samples of their coconut milk. I’d heard a bit about it but hadn’t seen it in any of the shops I go to – it seems to be readily available at Tesco though. It’s not coconut milk as I know it – the thick coconutty stuff you use in Thai curries. It’s just a nice non dairy milk with a rich creamy flavour and only a hint of coconut. I’ve used it on muesli, in hot chocolate (yum), sauces, coffee and even tea. It doesn’t curdle and isn’t coconutty enough to influence the flavours. I love it and I’d be saying the same even if I paid for it. It’s great that the dairy free milk range is expanding in the UK and Kara is most definitely a welcome addition.


5 thoughts on “Kara coconut milk

  1. So Delicious makes a similar (or at least I think it’s similar based on what you said about Kara) coconut milk over here. It has a very mild hint of coconut, but it’s more like a great soymilk alternative. Super thick and creamy and yummy on cereal.

  2. I stumbled across this in the supermarket a few weeks ago. I was hoping it’d be a rich, creamy coconut milk that I could make into a smoothie. I was disappointed to find that it wasn’t.

    But, I was glad I’d found it. It’s the most milk-like non-dairy milk I’ve tasted. It’s unbelievably white, doesn’t have any noticeable coconut flavour and is very refreshing. On a hot day I’d never think of just necking a glass of soya milk, but this stuff hits the spot.

  3. I got some for Paul to try per your recommendation for it in tea, and he seems pretty happy! He went from using oatly to almond milk, but the Kara seems to be his favourite thus far.

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