Penne noodles with peanut-coconut sauce, smoked tofu and broccoli

This was another recipe from the wonderful “Artful Vegan”. If you’ve been reading long you will know how much I love both of the Eric Tucker books, so when we were wondering what to eat over the Bank Holiday I thought of this. It’s pretty simple by Eric Tucker’s standards, but like all of his dishes has a very good depth of flavour and just a little something extra going on.

The recipe starts with Eric’s own method of baking and smoking tofu which is one of my favourite ways to eat tofu anyway, so that was always going to be a good start. I used my trusty Cameron’s smoker (beware picture of dead fish in it!) – I’ve never bought a piece of smoked tofu since I got the smoker and hopefully never will again. But if you are foolish enough not to own a food smoker, you could use bought smoked tofu for this dish and still be successful.

Once you’ve done the tofu, the dish comes together very quickly. The sauce is simply blended together (I used double the amount of chilli) and the rest is a very simple set of ingredients. I can sometimes get Thai basil but I couldn’t on this occasion so I used a pretty good substitute of finely chopped mint and basil.

The finished dish was a delight – the sauce was zingy from all the lime but nice and rich from the peanut butter and coconut milk. If you are not such carb fiends as us you may prefer to have a higher ratio of vegetables to pasta but we loved it exactly as it was!


3 thoughts on “Penne noodles with peanut-coconut sauce, smoked tofu and broccoli

  1. Looks good – I think Jamie Oliver has instructions on how to turn a biscuit or chocolate tin into a smoker.

    I am going to make some smoked tofu, but I shall probably cheat and put liquid smoke into the soy milk then coagulate it. I do have a green oak board that can go in the oven. But it looks quite attractive and I use it for photography.

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