Food Network Friday – Spring chicken roll-ups with lemon dijon pan sauce

This was a great Food Network Friday!

I love watching Rachael Ray on our UK version of Food Network. She’s on early in the morning for 2 episodes and my favourite weekend treat is waking up and reaching for the remote and seeing what she’s up to. I’d love to have some her pots and pans too!

This dish seemed really easy to veganise but I had a complete false start with what to use for the chicken. I took some chicken style seitan cutlets out of the freezer but when they defrosted they were much too thick to roll and try as I might, I couldn’t squash them down in the same way Rachael Ray does with chicken. So I started again. I racked my brains to think of what would roll and remembered the Soytan Cutlets from 1,000 Vegan Recipes. I’ve made them once before and knew they had plenty of give in them. So I made them as they were but added in a bit of dried sage and thyme to get a bit more of a chicken flavour to them. The recipe serves 6 but I made one normal sized one (for a sandwich), and with the rest I made 2 mega cutlets. Then I fried them very briefly on one side, just so they’d be warm and partly cooked.

I’d never eaten provolone cheese so I read up about it and discovered it’s like a tangier version of mozzarella. So all I did for that was grate some Redwood Mozzarella and mix it with some white miso and a bit of nutritional yeast and spread it on the fried side of the cutlets. Then I put 2 slices of Redwood ham on top, then 3 spears of steamed asparagus. I rolled them up and fried them for just a few minutes on each side. For the sauce I simply used vegetarian “chicken” stock and used the rest of the ingredients as described.

I like to pick another dish from the same chef to pair up with Food Network Friday dishes. This recipe was already vegan so didn’t need any work but I liked the look of it and fancied trying it for a change.

This really was a delicious recipe. It was great for a spring night and was lovely with a nice Italian red wine. I’m not sure if Tami’s picked the next recipe for FNF but be sure to keep an eye out and see what other people came up with for the roll ups too!


4 thoughts on “Food Network Friday – Spring chicken roll-ups with lemon dijon pan sauce

  1. Yum! That looks super fancy. My mom has a set of Rachel Ray’s pots and pans, and I’m super jealous. Luckily, I get her kitchen hand-me-downs when she gets new stuff, so one day those Rachel Ray pots will be mine!

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