Hummus, carrot and coriander

This is so simple but its one of my favourite flavour combinations so I thought I’d share it here. I first tasted in a Marks and Spencer sandwich years and years ago – I’ve no idea if that sandwich was vegan but it disappeared from the shelves pretty quickly. The lovely combination of flavours stayed with me and I often whip it up. This was actually shop bought hummus this time but usually I’d use home made. I grated some carrot into it and added some chopped coriander and spread it on to toasted rye bread. It works great on crackers or a baked potato too.


6 thoughts on “Hummus, carrot and coriander

  1. Have you tried the curried carrot dip from Vcon (I think it’s in that one)? It would be very similar to this, but with the additional spices. It’s delicious!

  2. Lovely flavours, I am now going to mix my roasted carrot dip with some hummus and leaves for a pitta filling.

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