American Vegan Kitchen – my first giveaway!

You’ll remember that I spent lots of time last year testing recipes for the incredibly talented Tami from Vegan Appetite. (She also created Food Network Friday, in case you’ve heard the name more recently). I tested about 120 recipes from that book, so it’s certainly gone to the top of the list of books I’ve made the most recipes from! Testing for Tami was so satisfying because she was so quick to help, and understand and take feedback gracefully. I can see parts of the book where my suggestions for alterations or alternatives have been incorporated, so it makes me feel like a big part of the book.

The book is crammed full of hearty delicious dishes, from breakfasts right through to desserts, and stopping off at soups, appetizers, sandwiches, main courses and sides on the way. Some of the original dishes won’t necessarily be familiar to non American readers, but rest assured that it won’t matter a jot. There’s a fantastic calendar of food celebrations at the beginning of the book, so if you’re not sure what to make this’ll help (today is Day of the Mushroom, and the suggestion is Smokin’ BBQ Portabello sandwiches. Sounds good to me.)

Making that many recipes, it’s very hard to pick favourites. A few recipes I tested got cut from the book, but they’re appearing on Tami’s blog (like this kraut). I only just noticed that her amazingly rich and beautiful breakfast potatoes didn’t make it, so maybe if you all wish hard enough that one will appear too.

So although this is not a list of my exact favourites, let me give you an idea about some of the things I loved, so that you get a flavour of what the book is all about. (I’m having a fight with Flickr about whether I’ve paid for pro, so some of my pictures are missing. I’ll add them when I get them back but they don’t do the dishes justice anyway)

Cheezy tofu potato skillet. This takes the hash brown and cheeze sauces recipes from elsewhere in the book and combines them with tofu, peppers, olives and pizza type herbs and spices to create a sort of pizza where the base is potato. Genius. It’s in the breakfast chapter but it’s a Friday night regular in our house.

Darngood donut bites. I’m not one for sweet breakfasts but I’m embarrassed to admit that I ate half a portion of these with a pot of coffee in about 10 mintes flat.

Cafe spinach dip. Not your ordinary spinach dip, with salsa, cumin and all sorts of other goodies in it, I spread it on toast, and eat until I turn into Popeye.

Seitan brew stew. There’s quite a bit of chopping in this but then you can throw it all in a pot and come back in an hour to an amazing rich hearty stew like your Grandma used to make. One of those dishes that’s miles more than the sum of its parts.

Mushroom barley stew. Uses the much underrated pearl barley with mushrooms, bacon and smoky spices to create another hearty dish that just gets better the long it waits for you, so you can make it at the weekend and dive in after that awful Monday back at work.

Not so Nicoise salad. You don’t often hear me raving about salads but this is a main course salad that’s perfect for summer with a lovely zingy dressing.

B.L.T potato salad. This uses the amazing bacon strips from elsewhere in the book and pairs them with spinach to take potato salad into gourmet dining

Smoking BBQ portabello sandwich. Hot and spicy, smoky bites of deliciousness, and perfect with Midway French Fries.

Greek Town Gyros. This starts with an amazing seitan lamb which is marinated and flash fried and then served with tzatziki sauce and other kebab fixings. Make double the lamb thenfreeze it and you’re never more than half an hour away from this post pub staple.

Sweet garlicky ribz. An amazing textured ribz dish, savoury and smoky and with a great sauce and perfect with the macaroni cheeze and greens from the side dish chapter

Brewpub Tater-Tot pie. Even with a poor UK imitation standing in for the tots this was a great comfort food meal and froze really well for those times when you don’t want to wait more than a minute for a big dish of goodness.

Spiced chocolate pudding cake. I don’t do desserts, but this was an amazingly clever cake which magically made its own sauce and made me feel like a domestic goddess. Just a hint of spice to get people guessing.

Crispy bottom peanut butter pie. Even I could whip this one up really quickly – rich, creamy, peanutty – need I say more?

I could keep on going but then there’d be no surprises left for you for when you get your own copy. I got my own copy for helping with the testing, and I’m certainly not parting with it. But I love it so much I’ve bought another copy to give away, so that someone else can share the love. Sorry Americans, but just this once I’m making this giveaway Europe only – or if you live anywhere else like Australia where you’re normally excluded from giveaways, you can enter too. It’s not that I’m too cheap for postage, just that I’m trying to get my own back for once letting all the non-Americans get a chance to win a giveaway.

Just leave me a comment saying why you’d like to win the book (and what country you’re in), and I’ll do some random pick out of a hat to see who wins. I’m sure there’s a technical way to do it, but I very likely will actually pick out of a hat. Competition closes on 30th April, when I’ll announce the lucky winner.


53 thoughts on “American Vegan Kitchen – my first giveaway!

  1. I’m in England and would love to give this book a go! I’m feeding 2 young boys (2 and 6) and diner style food and breakfasts are something they really enjoy as it’s simple and tasty most of the time!

  2. I’d love to win this book – all of the recipes you’ve mentioned look great, but I’d especially like to give the gyros a go! And the mushroom barley stew, and the portabello sandwich, and everything else really! I’m in Ireland

  3. I’m in Ireland and I’d love to win the book! I never tried to cook so many recipes from books and I’d like to have this project to the summer, using the American Vegan Kitchen recipes 😉

  4. I live in London and would love this cookbook! Everything I have read about it sounds amazing and I have become an avid follower of her blog! Thanks!

  5. Hi Liz, You’ve listed so many of my favorites (and a couple that I didn’t have time to test like the gyros!) I continue to love this cookbook (although I keep using my tattered and stained computer print-outs instead of my beautifuly autographed book!) The cheezy sauce recipe is actually memorized!

  6. I’m writing from B.C. Canada (Vancouver Island to be specific). I would love to add this book to my growing collection. I love eating vegan and this will assist me in finding new meals to cook for my meat eating husband. He has been enjoying this new way of eating but it helps to keep things interesting and different.

    What a great offer! I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks.

  7. I’m in the US and I would LOVELOVELOVE this book because I have been drooling over tester pictures for what seems like a year now! I love greasy, fatty, comforting fare, and don’t have enough cookbooks that satisfy that niche. I sure could use one! 🙂

  8. I’m in the U.S. and would love to win this book because I recently became vegan and am looking for delicious recipes that will recapture some of my old omni childhood favorites!

  9. I’ve seen this book reviewed on a few different blogs and everything I have seen looks delicious! I would love to be able to try some of the recipes in the US myself.

  10. All I can say is I’d kill to win this book! I’m the only vegan in the house but I love to cook great vegan food for my parents (and sometimes my brother, when he’s visiting here in Spain (from Bath!). I love seeing them enjoy my food, and not just because it doesn’t contain any meat/dairy! There’s nothing better than seeing people enjoy the rewards of your efforts, and I already know this book is chock full of amazing recipes, thanks to the blogosphere; I can’t wait to try the ribz, the tofu kale pockets, the gyros and that stew! I really hope luck’s on my side this time!

  11. How awesome, Liz!
    I’d love to win the book because Tami’s recipes are amazing and because apparently this book just isn’t available in Germany.

  12. Can Canadians enter? I’m dying for that book and I have looked everywhere for it to no avail! I hope so. 🙂

  13. I’m in Scotland and I would love to win this book! Just reading about cheezy tofu potato skillet made my mouth water and I know it would become a staple for my vegan family if only I knew how to make it! The other recipes look so good, too, that if I don’t win a copy I don’t know WHAT I’ll do…sob… (And I didn’t mean that to rhyme…)

  14. I would absolutely LOVE to win this book, I have heard and read so many great things and need some inspiration for my kitchen playing. My partner is an omnivore and I am trying to open the world of vegan cuisine to him. I have never been a huge fan of the classics but I know my love would adore some comfort food that tastes like the real things but I can enjoy with him!

  15. In live in the Netherlands and I would love to win the cookbook because it isn’t available here and I all the news about this cookbook is making me wanting to try out the recipes so very much!

  16. I would love to win this book as I have to cook for a vegetarian and I am bored with the usual run-of-the-mill options. I’m really interested in the seitan lamb – I had no idea you could do such stuff. Looks a really interesting book with fresh ideas. There are so many books out there which are really no good, its refreshing to find one with recipes which have been tested by you!

  17. I am in the North East of England. I have four children who are starting to get more adventurous with their food and who like to go through recipe books and choose what to make. The food you describe sounds like our kind of thing!

  18. I would love to win this as I am currently a vegetarian and would like to take the step to becoming vegan but really struggle with meal times!

    I am in north east England

  19. I would love to win this book as I am trying very hard to be 90% dietary vegan for my health and for the planet and I am running out of ideas. And I would love to own a vegan cookbook not written by Isa and Terry!

  20. I am in the USA. Texas to be more exact. I’d like to win the book because I HAVE to try the Sweet garlicky ribz with the macaroni cheeze and greens now that I’ve heard about it. Yummo!!!!!!!!

  21. I’m in Texas (I don’t think it’s a separate country yet)…and I would absolutely love to own this book! I’ve only heard good things, and it is #1 on my “buy soon” list. I’ll be wishin’ and hopin’ my name is drawn. Thanks for doing this.

  22. yay! i would LOVE to have this book simply because i have loved all the recipes i’ve tried from tami’s blog and because i’m a poor student who can’t afford to spend any more money on vegan cook books! ahh *crossin fingersssssss

  23. Don’t know if this counts, but I’m in Canada (we’re not Americans! lol) and I’d love to win this cookbook. I’ve followed Tami’s blog since the beginning and have loved all her recipes I’ve tried and would to be able to give her cookbook a spin. Everything in it sounds so fantastic.

  24. i would love to win this book as I’m trying not to buy any more books but desperately want this one and also because it was your blog that helped me go vegan 2 years ago!

  25. Hi,
    I am in Manchester, UK. I’ve been following your blog for a while and have it linked from mine 🙂
    You always cook really interesting stuff and I’m intrigued to find out more about this collection of recipes.

  26. I wasn’t gonna beg for this because I’m American, but seeing people actually in America trying to win made me think, why not me? At least I’m in the UK (not knocking the people in the US who’ve chimed in, though). I would love to own this book. I probably don’t need to, but OMG diner food! I miss going to greasy spoons at 3 AM (which I can’t do here because, even if Scotland had anything like Denny’s or IHOP, it wouldn’t have anything vegan, and it wouldn’t be open at 3 AM).

  27. Recently turned vegan and so far following your blog comes as a main source of inspiration and recipes. I’m currently in Romania and with a mostly carnivorous cuisine here I don’t have much print resources, and well… Amazon does a good job at doubling prices via shipping. This book would be amazing! Ana

  28. I need this book, I find the vegan recipes in the Uk (my country)can be pretty set and this would be a chance to add a bit of pizazz and different tastes. Oh and the Smoking BBQ portabello sandwich, well I have to make it soon!

    Thanks so much for a fab opportunity

  29. Hi Liz! As you know, I’m newly vegan and this sounds like a great cookbook! Seeing as you are one of the main reasons for inspiring my veganism…surely I’m in with a good chance!!

  30. Hi! Can you go as far as Indonesia? 😀

    I’d love to win this book because I’ve been trying to reduce meat in my daily meal. This book would help a lot. My aunt and grandma are vegans too, so I can share the recipes with them. Maybe we will gather in a big family gathering and enjoy them! 😀

  31. Thanks for doing a European giveaway! Your descriptions and pictures totally sold me on this book! I’m in Austria.

  32. Hi Liz. I am cooking for a vegan food stall next month and I could use recipes in the book to promote tasty animal-free food to one and all. I also think your blog is ace ;o)

  33. Hi Liz, thanks for the opportunity to win this book. I’ve been vegetarian for year and in the last six month myself and my partner have become vegan (which has been helped greatly by your blog). I’m in Ireland and while we have been able to get some books here they mostly focus on having a healthy balanced diet. Not that there is anything wrong with that but sometimes you just want something yummy and fun. Man do those gyros sound good…

  34. Im Australian and would love this book. Its pretty tough trying to find vegan food at restaurants here (hell they even think vegetarians eat chicken broth…) so would love to make yummy comfort food at home!

  35. Hi Liz,

    I’m in Australia and, well, crispy-bottomed peanut butter pie. That’s why I want this book! (And all of the other things you’ve written about which sound wonderful.)

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  37. What’s vegan all about?
    If I win the book I’ll know it’s about being born lucky.

    Good looking dishes there, Liz. I wouldn’t mind making them first hand, you clearly enjoy the recipes.

  38. Hey Liz,

    I already have the book, so don’t put me in the mix. I just wanted to say your write up is awesome! This was the best testing experience I have had (and I’ve had some other pretty good ones). I felt as though I made some real friends with you and some of the other testers. Thanks for passing the love on to your readers.

    Oh yes…folks…don’t forget to try the San Tan Wraps! Oh lala!!

  39. I’d love to get this book to try the ribz and mac and cheese recipes. Also, Vegan Dad posted some glorious-looking onion rings that are apparently from the book. They look AMAZING. I am surrounded by vegan naysayers and I’d love to cook some awesome American grub that they wouldn’t have had be for and therefore won’t be automatically comparing to their ‘standard’ versions. (I’m in Ireland.)

  40. Hello! We’re off to America for the first time in October to tour the East Coast, it would be fantastic to be able to make some of the dishes I’ll end up eating! (Or, the other way round – know what’s in the dishes we won’t be able to eat!)
    I’m in Brighton in Eng-er-land!

  41. I’m in Canada- I would love to win this because I have been a vegetarian for 20 years (since i was 12) and Its my goal to finally go vegan this year.

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