Barley risotto with corn and roasted vegetables

This was a dish from Millennium and its one of the easier ones. As you will know from my blog, I love both of the Eric Tucker books, but some of the dishes are real projects that require a day of cooking. This one is really quite simple – there are a lot of ingredients but once you’ve done the chopping it comes together quite quickly.

I liked it a lot but it didn’t wow me the way some of the other dishes from these books have done. But that’s understandable for one of the simpler dishes and it was still extremely tasty. I love barley in pretty much anything so mixing it with lots of roasted vegetables, a sweetcorn and basil puree, lemon and herbs was always going to please.


5 thoughts on “Barley risotto with corn and roasted vegetables

  1. This looks great! I just made their recipe “Milly’s Warm Cabbage Salad” yesterday for dinner with Cajun Red Beans and Rice. It’s from their second cookbook, and it was great! You marinate the shredded cabbage all day in umeboshi plum vinegar and then stir fry it with onions and caraway seeds. Super easy and super delicious! Definitely my new favorite way to cook cabbage.

  2. I have the Artful Vegan, but haven’t made anything from it yet. Everything in that book so fancy. I feel like I have to have a dinner party to make that stuff. But I should treat myself and making something complex and fun.

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