Oyster mushroom and tofu remoulade poorboy

We have really limited access to fresh mushrooms here, and it can be very annoying because the natural meatiness of mushrooms lend themselves well to vegan cooking. I can only reliably get chestnuts or buttons, with increasingly regular sightings of portabellos. So I was really excited to lay my hands on some oyster mushrooms, but then for the life of me couldn’t find any dishes to use them in. In despair, I turned to my old friend Eric Tucker and once again wasn’t disappointed. (Yet another of the American dishes I mentioned in my last post, I’ve made a few versions of Poorboys, or Po’Boys now).

This was one of the least complicated dishes in the book but was no less tasty for it. It started with the tofu aoli which I’ve made and used a few times before, but in this case some of it is turned into remoulade with the addition of roasted red peppers and cornichons. The mushrooms are dredged in the aoli, flour and spices and fried, then crammed into bread with the remoulade and salad.

This gave us a huge meal and certainly wasn’t the healthiest way to use the mushrooms, but was extremely tasty and didn’t take too long to prepare either.


7 thoughts on “Oyster mushroom and tofu remoulade poorboy

  1. Oh amazing! I was wandering around Taj in Brighton the other day & they had SO many varieties of mushroom. I didn’t get any as I was waiting to think of a great recipe to use them in, this has reminded me to have a good look through my cookbooks.

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