Creamy creole aubergine casserole

This is another photo that doesnt do justice to the dish but it doesn’t matter much because you can look at the lovely photos on Fatfree Vegan blog, where I found this recipe.

I’m not really a fat free kind of person so although I always love looking at FatFree Vegan, I don’t make much from it. But I really liked the look of this and I also had half a box of silken tofu sitting around so it was perfect for this dish. (Am I the only one who finds it almost impossible to use up a box of this stuff before it goes green?).

I bought 2 medium aubergines and they weighed far less than the 2.5lb the recipe called for, so I just improvised by adding a courgette and playing with some of the amounts, and it came out well. I made the whole dish on a worknight, which took a bit longer than I normally spend, so in future I’d probably cook the aubergines the day before. But it wasn’t difficult, and the results were very tasty indeed. The leftovers even improved as they sat around so they were perfect for lunch during the week too!


2 thoughts on “Creamy creole aubergine casserole

  1. That sounds yummy! I also never manage to use a whole one of those tetra packs of tofu, it doesn’t smell good once it’s been in the fridge a while!!

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