Korean meal

(I’m trying a bigger picture. Is it too big? Let me know).

Although I’ve used Asian Vegan Kitchen quite a bit, I’ve stuck to the first few chapters so far – Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Thai. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten Korean food before and certainly don’t know much about it. So when Matthew suggested having a Korean evening, I grabbed the book and did some planning. I had to rule out some of the dishes due to ingredient availability, but I think we had a pretty good spread. I made the Korean wontons with dipping sauce (front of the picture), the potato chorim (just behind), and the tofu kimchi (to the right). To round out the meal I made the Korean rice and millet and beansprout salad, both from Vegan Fire and Spice.

We loved our first foray into Korean food. All the dishes were packed full of sesame seeds and/or oil, which suited me down to the ground as I love them, and they’re a great source of calcium (I think). The potatoes were sweet and sticky, which went well the fresh crunchy beansprouts. Given how much I love both sauerkraut and spicy food, the Korean spicy equivalent kimchee was always going to be a big hit with me. And even the simple rice and millet was a big hit. We will be back for more!


5 thoughts on “Korean meal

  1. Beautiful spread! My current obsession is Korean food. And they have so many dishes that are compatible due to the amounts of tofu they use. Delicious.

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