More Vegan Christmas

On Christmas Day itself, we are all grown up and old now, and eat our breakfast before we open our presents. We like to have something reasonably filling (to soak up the Bucks Fizz) but not so filling that we are too full for our curry. This year I made the tempeh puffs with white bean gravy from Vegan Brunch (except it was borlotti bean gravy as I didn’t have any white beans). I’ve made these before when I tested them and lots of times since, because they’re a perfect salty, savoury breakfast which don’t take forever but look impressive enough for a special occasion.

Then, after a trip to the pub, we headed to our favourite local South Indian restaurant.  I love going there because there are lots of Indian people just popping in for lunch. I didn’t get pictures of everything. Above you can see mushroom manchurian, rava dosa, dhal, potato curry, coconut rice and a beetroot and aubergine curry. Not pictured, we had some cauliflower 65 doused in chaat masala, and some red rice puttu.

We hung around there for a while finishing our wine and chatting with the owners then went home and blobbed in front of the telly. Just as traditional for us as turkey, and yet so much more fun!


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