500 Vegan Recipes

My lovely copy of this book arrived today. It’s written by the wonderfully talented Celine and Joni and I was honoured to be a recipe tester for them. Of course, I can’t recommend it highly enough. The only way it could be improved is by the addition of some yummy pictures, but you can still get your fix of those beauties in the Flickr group – and you can add your own pictures to the group too.

Even I couldn’t test all 500 of these recipes, so I’m really looking forward to trying some of the extras that I missed out on. I didn’t take too many pictures of my tester dishes, but I can list some of my favourites for you to try:

Curry cashew tofu bake with sage sauce – stick to your ribs comfort food
Cauliflower pasta crisp – wow – and the leftovers keep getting better
Barley chilli – a great use for one of my favourite, underused grains
Seitan chorizo crumbles – quick, easy, tasty
Kale pesto pasta – raw kale just shouldn’t taste this wonderful
Seitan en croute – this will be my Christmas centrepiece
Veggie shepherd’s pie – a special spin on an old favourite
Courgette fritters -an easy breakfast treat
Stoneground spinach potatoes – I could put my head in a  bucketful of these and be happy
Ethiopian Wat – a great use for the berbere seitan
Coconut mushroom soup  – so easy, so tasty

There’s a whole load more tasty treats in there too. As you’ll know, I’m not a big lover of sweet things and baking but there’s some amazing looking dishes in those chapters which might even tempt me.

I’ve already tested some great dishes for their next book too. These ladies are going places. Don’t miss out!


8 thoughts on “500 Vegan Recipes

  1. Never been a cook, but 500 Vegan Recipes is already changing my life. My husband requested Au Gratin Potatoes for Thanksgiving. They were perfect.

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