Veganmofo 2009 – Ani’s raw food kitchen

I bought this book full of good intentions – I’d start a wonderful raw food Wednesday, and I’d be glowing with good health, trim and toned and look about 10 years younger. Then I thought about it properly and realised it meant eating uncooked, cold food and went off the idea a bit!

It’s a lovely book and if any book was going to persuade me to start eating lots of cold uncooked stuff this would probably be the one to do it, but it hasn’t worked yet. It doesn’t rely too heavily on expensive gadgets like dehydrators or spiralisers, which is good news for beginners. There are certainly lots of pictures but most of them are of the author looking pensive or rollerblading or of flowers and fruit, rather than of the finished dish. The pictures that are of the dishes do look great and the stuff I’ve seen on blogs gets good reviews. I suppose I just need to take the plunge into some easy raw things to get me started. Any ideas?


4 thoughts on “Veganmofo 2009 – Ani’s raw food kitchen

  1. Thanks for noticing and saying it out loud! I bought it and gave it away. I don’t care how fab the recipes are, I was turned off by all the photos of her instead of food.

  2. I like this book although I haven’t made a lot from it, yet. I really love the recipes on her website and that’s why I bought the book. The raw pad thai is delish!

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