Veganmofo 2009 – Vietnamese Fusion/Buddha’s Table

These 2 little books are by the same author and published by cool company Book Publishing Co. They all have this excellent layflat binding which make them very easy to use and work with. There’s a couple of pictures lurking in the middle but not enough to be of much help or inspiration.

They’re both good books though with lots of authentic sounding recipes and ideas. Some of the ingredients might prove difficult to find if you’ve not got good access to Asian shops but there’s still recipes you could try without them.

Once again, I’ve been inspired to make more from these books just by looking through them in order to review them. There’s load of attractive looking rice, noodle and vegetable dishes and I’m staggered that I haven’t used them both more. I suppose I just normally turn to Asian Vegan Kitchen or Real Vegetarian Thai when I’m looking for those sort of flavours, but in future I’ll be grabbing these two and trying some dishes.

Things I’ve got my eye on:
Grilled aubergine and mushrooms with lime sauce
Grilled 5 spice portabello mushrooms
Clay pot glass noodles
Bamboo shoot dumplings
Curried coconut noodles
Red curry fried rice cakes
Fried tofu with sweet and sour chillies


3 thoughts on “Veganmofo 2009 – Vietnamese Fusion/Buddha’s Table

  1. I love Book Pub Co’s stuff! I visited their shop (a tiny little old schoolhouse in Summertown, TN) a couple summers ago and stayed with one of their cookbooks authors for a night. She cooked me some delicious BBQ tofu and the world’s tastiest roasted kombocha squash.

  2. Oh, the cookbook author was Barb Bloomfield…she did a vegan bean book and a soup book published through Book Pub Co. It’s located on an old commune turned intentional community filled vegan residents. And it’s only 3 hours from Memphis, where I live. I should really move there…

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