Veganmofo – The New Vegan Cookbook

When I look through all these books I’m beginning to wonder what I ever eat! This is yet another book where I look through and there’s lots of nice stuff but I’ve only made a few dishes from it. There’s loads of good quality photos and it’s very nicely laid out. There’s one glaring error in it though, which I just can’t seem to get past. The author talks several times about Brewer’s Yeast where she clearly means Nutritional Yeast. I feel enormous pity for any real new vegan who buys Brewer’s Yeast based on this book; they’d have a very nasty surprise in store, and would probably never attempt to cook vegan food again!

The dish I’ve made was the Thai inspired broccoli in coconut coriander sauce, which was OK the first day but was really good the second day. I want to try the slow baked cannellini with olives, escarole and gremolata, if I ever see escarole. The Provencal green lentils with artichokes, mushrooms and parsley aoli is definitely next on my list.

Has anyone else got this book and is there anything else I should try?


2 thoughts on “Veganmofo – The New Vegan Cookbook

  1. Hi!
    It’s funny you mention this book-I had just pulled it out and cooked from it last week, after years of neglect-too many new vegan cookbooks have caused this one to get pushed out of sight. Anyway, here are some good recipes in the cookbook:
    Roasted Sweet Potato & Corn Chowder
    Crisp Tortilla Stacks with Roasted Corn & Black Beans (except the tortillas got a little bit hard instead of crisping, still worth it to make, maybe using soft tortillas instead)
    Pumpkin with Jerk Spiced Tempeh (I used butternut squash)
    Whole grain waffles
    Pine Nut Anise Crescents
    The silken cilantro sauce really stands out in my memory as being super delicious.
    And, yeah, that whole brewer’s yeast thing was weird-I actually went out and bought it at the time but never used it, because it was nasty!

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