Veganmofo 2009 – Vegan Express

This is a good little book for midweek cooking. It doesn’t have many pictures, just a few in the middle, like lots of other books seem to do. It’s nicely laid out though and the thing I like best about it is all the serving recommendations so that you can mix and match salads with grain dishes etc without having to think about it.

The recipes are all nice and simple – soups, pasta, rice, grains, hearty salads, pizzas, quesadillas etc. Lots of them are based around things you’d already have in the house. There aren’t any unusual ingredients, though there’s sometimes references to  US packaged goods like Tofurkey that we’d have to find a substitute for. The purist in me is a bit concerned by some of the ingredients called for in dishes like pad thai or sweet and sour, but they’re just easy shortcuts and if they taste good then so what? I would say it’s a good book for busy families or anyone who needs ideas for quick meals.

Having said all that I’ve actually cooked very few of the recipes exactly as they are written, but I’ve used lots of them for ideas when I’ve been looking for a quick meal.


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