Veganmofo 2009 – Please don’t feed the bears

This is one of the more recent additions to my cookbook library, so I’ve not made much yet. The proceeds all go to AIDS charities and it’s got a zine feel about it. It’s full of references and to death metal, and I haven’t heard of a single one of the scary metal tracks that they recommend you listen to while eating the recipes. It’s a very untraditional book and certainly not the book you buy for your Mum or co-worker to teach them about veganism. However, it’s fun, in a good cause, and includes some interesting looking recipes. I’ve only made the lentil tacos so far but they were easy and tasty, and I’ve got a few more things pencilled in to try, such as the peanutbutter pasta spirals,the chicken fried steak with cream gravy, and the chicken cutlets. It’s totally impractical – it’s got no index, and where it refers to other recipes from the book it doesn’t include a page number, which is a complete pain. But it’s in a good cause, is amusing and good fun, and does have some good looking recipes when you get past the scary music!


3 thoughts on “Veganmofo 2009 – Please don’t feed the bears

  1. I’ve never used my copy, mainly because of the lack of index. As I cook from an organic box I need to be able to look up a vegetable that I have on hand and see what my books have to offer for it. If the index in a book sucks, or there isn’t one, I just end up using the book because it’s such a pain to have to flick through the whole thing looking for something to cook!

  2. I love this little book, and have made a bunch of things from it. “Brent’s Septic Pasta” is a favorite, and actually originated with my friend Melissa (who was once yoked to the named Brent). I am very fond of the seitan loaf recipe, but I think it is probably only for serious seitan-heads. There are many others, but those are the two that immediately spring to mind.

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