Veganmofo 2009 – A Vegan Taste of …..

There’s a whole series of these books, about 17 I think! They’re all quite thin, and also pretty cheap. I’ve got 5 of them – Mexico, Middle East, Eastern Europe, North Africa, and Dinner Parties. They’re written in English/European measurements so there’s not a cup in sight. There aren’t any pictures – they’re just simple paperbacks.

I haven’t cooked too much out of these books. In fact, I don’t think I’ve made anything at all from 3 of them. I don’t especially remember what I made from North Africa and Middle East (it was way before my blogging days), but they were fairly tasty and certainly straightforward. They do seem to rely heavily on vegan cheeses, milks and yoghurts, and that’s in countries which usually aren’t as heavy with dairy as some others. I’d be very interested to see what the France and Italy books are like. Clearly the author can’t possibly have a huge in depth knowledge or background in every cuisine, so it’s very much a brush of the surface. You couldn’t possibly compare the Mexican one, for example, with anything that I’ve tested for Terry’s Vegan Latina.

Again, looking through these books now I can see quite a few things I’d like to try and I don’t know why I’ve not tried more. I think these might be a decent introduction to a type of cuisine that you know very little about, but I imagine it get a bit frustrating if you’re an expert. And I wasn’t at all impressed with the Dinner Parties one.

Any recommendations, folks?


1 thought on “Veganmofo 2009 – A Vegan Taste of …..

  1. there’s a layered casserole in this book that we love but I can’t remember for the life of me what it’s called now. It’s tortillas, tvp and some veg and cheese and you layer it up and then bake it, it’s very tasty.

    I have a ton of these books, I think there’s only 2 I don’t own, I just started buying them and got in my normal thing of having to have the full set! lol

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