Ever since I’d read on Vanilla Sugar that you could get vegan croissants in Aldi, I’d had them on my mind. We do have an Aldi but it’s not really on a bus route, so when a friend said he was going, I bagged a lift. I know that Aldi and Lidl are famous for stock changing from one day to the next, and I couldn’t find them at first. My heart was pounding as  I  rummaged through shelves of yoghurt and juice. In desperation, I asked a member of staff who didn’t know either. Finally, I spotted them, hidden away with some bread dough.

They weren’t exactly like butter croissants – they were a bit bready, but they did have a nice flaky slightly crisp outside and a soft middle. I stuffed them with some mozarella cheezly and bacon that I’d tested for Tami. I would buy them again occasionally – A nice lazy Sunday breakfast for sure!


4 thoughts on “Croissants

  1. Ooooh…. vegan croissants! We do have Aldi here, but they probably do not have those. I don’t really go into Aldi, it makes me feel slightly claustrophobic! But if they had those, I might make the trip!

  2. You know, this is one of those things I’ve always been meaning to make, but haven’t even researched. I made some award-winning croissants in high school, so I know I can do it.

    But I can’t believe ALDI has them! I am jealous.

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