Flourless chocolate cake

As you will know by now, we don’t eat sweet things very often. I just don’t have that much of a sweet tooth and would always rather have extra main course than something sweet. But when my mother in law visited from Hawaii, I decided to try and make a dessert. This was made even more complex by the fact that she doesn’t eat gluten. Plus, she was craving blackcurrants, which she can’t get where she lives in Hawaii.

The first vegan pud with blackcurrants that came to mind was summer pudding but I just couldn’t cope with a gluten free version of bread. A new book, Vegan Table, had just arrived, and on browsing through it I noticed a flourless chocolate cake. I decided to give it a go, and use blackcurrants, along with some cassis, for a topping and sauce. It was amazingly easy. The crust was just ground nuts, sugar and vegan margarine. You’ve got to love a crust that doesn’t need rolling! I had a bit too much filling for my crust, but that didn’t matter.

The finished pie was rich and creamy, and the blackcurrant sauce cut nicely through the richness. I served leftovers to a few omnivores who would never have guessed it was vegan – always a good sign.

This was an excellent, very easy dessert which would be great even if you eat gluten and dairy!


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