Homemade almond milk

I’ve out veganed myself with this one! I couldn’t believe I’d ever make my own non dairy milk but I obviously didn’t realise just how simple and tasty it is. I used to use rice milk because I liked the light neutral flavour, and didn’t think it tasted of much, unlike soya milk, which can be an acquired taste. Homemade almond milk is totally different though; it has a great texture and flavour and is so fresh and tasty.

I do use 2 special bits of kitchen gear though – my trusty VitaMix and a nut milk strainer. You can use a sieve but you will need to strain it more than once.

I used this video exactly for my instructions, so I recommend having a look and seeing  just how easy it is:

It was so simple and easy. You can vary the amount of water depending on how thick you want it. I usually use 2.5 cups of water to 1 cup of almonds. Perfect on home mixed muesli – we love the one from “Get it Ripe”, especially the hint of cinnamon in it! I never thought I’d really enjoy muesli for breakfast – but with this blend, and the almond milk, I really do!


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