Vegan Latina

I don’t know why it should be, but I don’t seem to take many photos of food I’m testing for recipe books. Well, I probably do know why – one of the books is super secret. I can’t blog about it yet but believe me you’re in for a treat when it comes out.  The other reason is that when you’re testing you obviously can’t give away any of the recipes, so although I don’t mind teasing people with pictures of delicious food, it becomes dull after a while! I haven’t taken too many pictures of my current other testing project either, but I do have a few. And since I’ve done nothing but testing for quite  while now, I’ve got nothing else to blog about!

This testing is for Terry Hope Romero (co-author of Veganomicon and Vegan Cupcakes take over the World) and the book is going to be called Vegan Latina. I’ve had heaps of delicious things from it so far. It has been a bit of a challenge getting hold of some of the ingredients – I have had a wonderful package sent over from America, but most of the things I’ve made have relied on ingredients available in the UK.

This is Peruvian Saltado, a winning mix of seitan and baked potato fries!

Sexy tempeh and avocado stuffed arepas

Chimichurri baked tofu

Arroz con seitan

Butternut blackeye bean tostadas

This is only a small sample of the things I’ve made and without exception everything has been great.

Have you been testing for Latina? Let me know and I’ll link to you here!


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