Vegan Brunch – get it pre-ordered NOW!


I was very fortunate to test a whole load of recipes from this book and I’m here to tell you that they have all been incredible. I did blog about some of them but by no means all. You can find the blog posts by clicking on “Crack of Noon” on the right of this page. If you’re wondering, that was going to be the original title of the book, but the publishers decided to change it. I can see why, but I quite liked “Crack of Noon” – It does still bring some very interesting search phrases to my blog too!

Now, I’m a savoury person at all times, and especially at breakfast time, so the savoury dishes were all my favourites. The pierogi, the breakfast casserole, the beer battered tofu, the cornbread waffles, the leek and mushroom pie, courico tacos with pineapple salsa, ethiopian lentil pancakes – they’ve all been repeated several times in my house. But if you love sweet foods, don’t worry – you’re catered for too. Lemon poppyseed muffins, banana rabanada, gingerbread waffles, pain au chocolat – and many more. Add in the basic breakfast essentials such as bagels, omelettes, muffins (the sensible English kind), bacon and hashbrowns, and this is a brunch encyclopedia that you can’t be without. Not a morning person? Never fear – many of the dishes can be made in advance and of course there’s nothing to stop you eating them at any time of the day!

It’s available for pre-order on Amazon right now. What on earth is stopping you?


4 thoughts on “Vegan Brunch – get it pre-ordered NOW!

  1. This book sounds heavenly! I can’t wait for it to come out.

    And as for reading your blog to get a feel for which cookbook (artful or millenium) to buy – it was probably your blog that inspired me to look closer at them in the first place! You made all the effort sound completely worth it (and so far it has been, though I haven’t made the full orchestra of a dish yet – soon, though).

    *goes off to preorder Brunch book* 😀

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