Philly cheesesteaks

I need to start by saying that I have absolutely no clue what a Philly cheesesteak is. But when I saw some pictures of veganised versions at the Post Punk Kitchen I knew I needed a version, no matter what it was. I saw this and thought it looked like perfect Friday night junk food and I had to have it.

I did make some changes. I thought that I needed some fake meat in there with the mushrooms for ultimate pleasure so I rustled up a quick batch of Celine’s seitan crumbles (think they must have been a tester recipe but any seitan or sausage crumble would do) and stuck them in with the mushrooms. I used the cheese sauce from Uncheese but another time will use Cozy Inside cheese sauce because I like it better. I also gave it a generous squirt of BBQ sauce, just because I could.

I wouldn’t eat this every day or even every week but it was great Friday night comfort food, that’s for sure.


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