Pancake day!

Pancakes are another of those food things which separate English and US cooks and eaters. And alongside biscuits, muffins (and probably others I can’t remember), we’re right! Pancakes are thin, usually come with lemon juice and sugar, and are eaten for pudding on Pancake Day, usually accompanied by discussions about how nice they are, and shouldn’t we eat them more often and not wait until next pancake day…!!

I cobbled together our Pancake Day meal with stuff I had in the fridge. I used the crepe recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance, as I normally do. It’s a great recipe which usually needs thinning out a touch – could be slightly different flour here. I stuffed them with a mix of spinach and Redwoods feta cheese and baked them, then served them with Veganomicom lemony roasted potatoes and a garlicky yoghurt sauce (finally used up that pot of yoghurt!). And yes, I will be having pancakes again before next pancake day!


3 thoughts on “Pancake day!

  1. Mmmm that looks yummy and I’m not a huge fan of savoury Pancakes (I have no idea why, oh wait – yes I do. It’s because it was the only vegetarian option at a restaurant my friends used to like to frequent so needless to say I got a bit fed-up with them after about the tenth time). I must try to make my own. I like the sweet ones in VWaV – they are just so moreish and I do make Pancakes quite often throughout the year. I’ve never worked out how all the photos I see of American Pancakes are so fat and fluffy – mine always come out thin and crepe like (like they should be haha). So maybe it is a different grade of flour or something??!!

  2. I was just reading about “puddings” and didnt realize there was an actual pancake day!! I like the mushroom blintzes too from veganomicon but its not a dessert type.. I believe I use the garbanzo or chickpea flour and that has to do with consistency. I used to like the fluffy pancakes in my non vegan days but since converting and no longer eating at diners who made those fluffy flap jacks I agree the thinner and more delicate the better! Great post

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