Penne vodka

I’d seen this recipe in Veganomicon and heard great things from people who’d made it at the Post Punk Kitchen but I couldn’t bring myself to get excited about trying it. Pasta, tomatoes, blah. It’s often the only  vegan option on a dull menu so I don’t choose to eat it at home. But when I get in from football last night I wanted something quick and I had all the ingredients including some wilting basil, so I decided to give it a try. I still wasn’t really expecting much but as soon as I started to blend the almonds into the sauce I knew I was wrong.

Years ago, one of our favourite dishes was something that came off the back of a packet of dried habanero chillis. It was tagliatelle in a tomatoey, creamy, spicy sauce and we couldn’t get enough of it. Why oh why did no-one ever tell me that Veganomicon penne vodka tasted just like that dish only better? (I must admit to adding more chilli than the recipe!)

We loved this dish and I can safely say that it really surprised both of us with just how tasty it is. It can be on the table in half an hour, is spicy, rich and delicious. What more can you want?


6 thoughts on “Penne vodka

  1. I’ve only ever eaten vodka pasta when I lived in Switzerland – so that brought back memories Liz.
    It was so expensive to live there, that was always the cheapest thing on the menu to order. It’s a fabulous dish isn’t it.

  2. I ordered this book a week or so ago and then saw this review for the book and recipe. I tried the Vodka Penne Pasta immediately and my two sons (non-vegans) ate it up. It’s extremely good! Thanks for your honest and on target reviews. Even a year and a half later, people are still reading them and enjoying them.

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