Bulgar and feta salad with falafel and olive chickpea sauce

Last weekend I was very organised and did an inventory of my freezer. Actually, that’s a grand description of what really consisted of writing a list, sticking it on the freezer door, and leaving a pen there in the vain hope that I’ll cross things off and add them as I take them out/put them in! While I was doing that I unearthed a few things that it had been in there ages and I wanted to get them used. I had a couple of packets of Cauldron falafels, bought BOGOF for emergencies.  Also I had just been given a present of 2 tubs of Redwood vegan feta cheese by a lovely vegan who I have only just met!

I decided I’d combine the 2 somehow as I knew the flavours would work. Working with what I had in my fridge I whipped up a really nice meal.

I soaked some bulgar in boiling water and fried some chopped red onions, red and green peppers. When the bulgar was soft I drained it and added it to the vegetables, along with the cubed feta, lots of chopped parsley and coriander and a touch of sumac. Then I whizzed together 1/2 a tin of chickpeas, a few black olives, lemon juice, garlic, cumin and water to make a sauce, and served it on the bulgar and falafels.

I’d never tried the feta before and I really liked it. It’s not as strong as dairy feta but it has the same saltiness and would work anywhere feta goes. I plan to try the other tub in spanakopita fairly soon, and will be on the look out for other feta ideas too!


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