Seitan scaloppine with lemon olive sauce

I’ve tried to make seitan steaks lots of times without success. They’ve always been a bit spongy or brainy and I’d almost given up trying. I can’t buy seitan easily so it’s been a real disappointment to me and I turn over the page with regret when I see recipes that need it. I’ve been quite happy to blame this not on my poor cooking skills but on the only brand of gluten I can buy here in the UK. I’ve only tried the gluten from the low carb store, but this time I decided to buy a different brand, from the flourbin. It’s more expensive but I wasn’t bothered as long as it worked. I swore that this would be my last attempt, and if the steaks didn’t work this time I’d give up.

I also decided to try a different recipe – this one from the wonderful FatFree Vegan blog. I don’t have a steamer big enough to fit a plate in so I went for the version with the extra step of braising in the broth. I had to prepare some broth for the sauce anyway, and as I used the same pan, it didn’t really give me much extra work.

I took the foil parcels out of the steamer filled with dread in case I opened them to find a spongy mess but to my amazement I found 4 delicious looking smooth, silky steaks nestled in the foil! I wish I’d taken a picture of them on their own just to prove that I did it! I then went on to make the sauce as directed in the recipe and, not quite in the spirit of FatFree Vegan, served it with a mound of mashed potatoes and some wilted spinach.

This was such a delicious meal for a cold snowy day and I was so thrilled that I finally managed to make seitan steaks! I can think of so many dishes where I can use them. The problem I’ve got now is that I don’t know whether it was the new recipe or the flour that made the difference – oh well; I’ll just have to make them again with the other flour and see if they work as well. See how much I suffer in the name of perfection?


2 thoughts on “Seitan scaloppine with lemon olive sauce

  1. I’ve been a bit off Seitan lately for the simple fact that I went a bit overboard and almost OD’d on the stuff! Blame that Julie Hassen with her Italian Sausages! That meal looks simply gorgeous and right up my street. I’ve not made Seitan steaks before so maybe this will be a good meal for me to get back in the Seitan swing of things. I’m lucky that I can get good VWG here and at a reasonable price.

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