Breakfasts – fried porridge!

Breakfast is a really important meal for me. If I don’t eat it I’m totally hopeless all morning and start to get a bit shaky. I used to always eat toast and marmite for breakfast, and it’s still my favourite, but when I started keeping a food diary I realised that I didn’t eat as many portions of fruit and veg as I thought, so now I only eat it at the weekend. During the week I now aim to get 2 portions at breakfast. Then, with a piece of fruit mid morning, it’s really easy to get a few during the other 2 meals.

I’ve mentioned before that I prefer savoury breakfasts to sweet, and during the week I leave the house at 7:30 so I need them to be quick. I always have a glass of fresh juice -I don’t squeeze it, Tropicana does! (I love Sanguinello but I get whatever’s on offer). Juice can only count as one portion no matter how much you drink. Then that leaves me whatever I eat in the morning to get another portion from. Generally I rotate around good muesli with fruit, toast with half an avocado or a tomato, and congee with pickled vegetables.

But I’m always looking for other ideas, so I was absolutely delighted to spot this fried porridge on Fuss Free Flavours. People rave on about how good porridge is but I honestly can’t see what the fuss is about. Apart from the fact that it’s sweet, it’s always too hot and I end up rushing, burning my mouth and running to work with flushed cheeks. I also don’t think it’s as filling as other people seem to. But it’s cheap and easy, and a savoury version sounded great to me. I followed the instructions exactly – my vegetables were a mix of peppers, a few wrinkly mushrooms and some red onion.

So how was it? Well, it was certainly different. I tried to use just a touch of oil but it stuck quite a lot. Fortunately my pan can take it but be careful if you try it. I’d probably have added a smidge of sesame oil if I hadn’t run out, but otherwise it was great. Unusual, for sure, but very tasty, savoury, quick and healthy. And what’s more, I didn’t even think about my banana until midday, so it kept me full for over an hour longer than muesli does. So yes, I’ll definitely be having that again!

By the way, at weekends I’ll usually have one toast and marmite day, and one day with something more interesting – scrambled tofu on toast, biscuits and gravy, burrito, waffles, or one of the other brilliant ideas from Isa’s brunch book!


2 thoughts on “Breakfasts – fried porridge!

  1. Fried Porridge!!
    I think I’m in love.
    I have Porridge every morning with a HUGE dollop of Gooseberry Jam – does that count as a Fruit portion I wonder (I don’t eat anywhere near enough Fruit – I am trying to resolve this).

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