Getting on with VeganMoFo recipes

The best thing about VeganMoFo was all the other great blogs that I didn’t know about before, or that were even started simply for MoFo. I’d not come across Lady’s Vegan Kitchen before, but I’d starred an aubergine and spinach dhal on it a while ago and tonight was the night to try it. Lentils, spinach and aubergine are 3 of my favourite things so throwing them all together in one dish sounded really good to me.

I don’t really like frozen spinach so I used fresh. I also made a few other tweaks – my only chilli paste was distinctly chinese in flavour so I used some chilli flakes instead. I also didn’t peel the aubergine because I hate to waste the lovely smokiness of the skin. I used brown lentils as none were specified and I thought they’d go best with the other flavours.

You’ll notice there’s no picture of this dish. I think I perhaps used too much spinach because the dish was distinctly green, and maybe I over pureed, because it was also distinctly sloppy. Green slop does not make for attractive food photos, even when served with carrot and mustard seed rice…

However, I’m still blogging about the dish because it tasted fantastic and was perfect comfort food weather, especially served with my favourite Geeta’s garlic pickle on the side. And yes, I’m extremely jealous that the recipe author is basking under the Australian sun while I’m shivering in the dark! Thanks for the recipe though; it’s a good one!!


4 thoughts on “Getting on with VeganMoFo recipes

  1. Glad it tasted good – sorry it didn’t look so great. I used split red lentils and only blended half the lentils (from memory).

    And while the sun may be outside – I am sitting inside studying for the next week and a bit as I have exams (all made worse because my friends have already finished and are basking in the sun!!)

  2. I remember all the years of being stuck inside revising for exams! Good luck!! My Russian ones were always last so my friends had finished too!

    Had leftover dhal today – yum. I think the aubergine really added some richness. But my friend at work said it looked like concrete! 🙂

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