VeganMoFo: Lentil daal burger

This is another test recipe for Joni‘s burger book. I haven’t blogged about all of them but I reckon this is my 30th test burger! Burgers are usually Friday night favourite but we had a shuffle around this week and had the burgers on Sunday. I always have an urge to serve burgers on a bun but it’s not always necessary, and some burgers, like these, would go very well with something like rice or vegetables instead.

I made a very simple spinach and potato dish to go with them which was just onions, mustard seeds, cumin, chilli flakes, boiled potato, spinach and lemon juice all cooked together.

These made a lovely meal and the good thing about most of the burgers is that they freeze very well. I have quite a few assorted burgers in my freezer and now have 4 lentil daal burgers to join them!


7 thoughts on “VeganMoFo: Lentil daal burger

  1. Those look delicious. I just tried a fantastic recipe for triple mushroom burgers last night from the Vegetarian Burgers cookbook which is making me eager to try more vegan burger recipes. These look delicious and sound quite unique too. Are they spicy?

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