VeganMoFo: Paella

I’ve never eaten the sort of paella which contains shellfish and sausage, but I’ve eaten a fair few vegetarian versions and this one is my favourite. It comes from “Jump Up and Kiss Me” which is a vegetarian cookbook containing lots of recipes based around chilli.

This paella succeeds because it takes fennel seeds, artichokes and chestnuts to replace the taste and texture of the sausage and fish. I really like chestnuts and apparently they’re the only nut to contain vitamin C, so I’m always glad to find recipes that use them. This paella also has a medley of peppers, peas and olives, and an underlying taste of chilli, basil, oregano and saffron.

It’s packed full of flavour and so not for the faint hearted, but I thoroughly enjoy it with a glass of rioja!


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