VeganMoFo: Smokin’!!

Nothing new cooking here but I’m running out of October and I want to make sure I get my 20 VeganMoFo posts done, so I thought I’d mention my love of smoked food. I bought a stovetop smoker a few years ago and I use it most frequently to smoke tofu, mushrooms and aubergine, but I have also smoked chillis and potatoes with success. I still aim to try garlic, tomatoes and rice too. I mostly use oak or hickory chips to smoke. I have mesquite but find it can make food very bitter so use it rarely.

There are various other smoky things around my kitchen too. I brought 3 bottles of liquid smoke back from America last time I was there. It’s great thrown into sauces, greens, and especially tempeh bacon. Wheaty smoked seitan steaks live in my fridge, defying their sell by dates, and taste great ground in chillis or chopped up in stews and jambalaya.

Chipotle chillis (smoked jalapenos) appear a lot, either in their dried form or tinned in adobo. They give a great spicy smoky boost to chillis, burritos or beans.

Smoked salt is quite a new addition but I love it sprinkled over mushrooms or pasta dishes. I’ve also got a stash of smoked almonds in the cupboard. Sainsbury’s doesn’t get them in very often and they’re often reduced to clear so I buy them 4 or 5 bags at a time. Compulsive snacking but wonderful in Isa’s Smoked Almond Gravy (coming in the new brunch book and perfect with biscuits and greens).

Finally smoked paprika is indispensable in my kitchen and goes in a whole host of dishes here. I adore its smoky, earthy taste and it does wonderful things to tofu scramble. I probably overuse it and need to make better use of my hungarian paprika too.

Are there any smoked goodies that I’ve missed out on? I need to know about them! And I’m really interested in any of you home smokers and what else you throw in your smoker…


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