VeganMoFo: Gnocchi with broccoli pesto

There have been a lot of VeganMoFo posts about quick dinners. Tonight was one such in this house. I’d been at work all day and had to go straight to a governors meeting which lasted a few hours. Normally on governor nights my husband cooks something (under orders from me), but today he was in London so I couldn’t rely on that.

I’d bought a bag of ready made gnocchi from the fridge when I was in France a few weeks. They were just about to come to their sell by date so rather than bung them in the freezer I decided to use them. I have made my own gnocchi, and I can buy vegan versions here but not regularly – they often have egg in them.

Anyway, they cook really quickly so I did a very quick pesto to go with them. I LOVE the pesto from Vegan With a Vengeance – I honestly swear I prefer it to non vegan versions. I often have it with gnocchi as it’s nice and light and gnocchi can get a bit claggy if it’s overwhelmed. But today I felt as if I needed some extra greens so I made the pesto as usual but threw in some steamed broccoli and also a small spoonful of Toffuti cream cheese. It made for a delicious sauce but would certainly have been better with dried pasta as the gnocchi really needed something less chunky. Still, It took hardly any longer to make than it does to boil water so I’m really pleased with it for an emergency meal.


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