VeganMoFo: Crumpets with marmite

Bazu’s recent post about crumpets got me thinking. I used to love crumpets and didn’t think I’d ever enjoy them again without a pool of butter, but tastes change and I do sometimes buy and eat them with Pure spread and marmite. They’re cheap and readily available – though do check because they sometimes have butter in them. Usually not though so they’re a quick and easy breakfast of afternoon tea snack.

This morning I decided to have a crack at making my own. I’d had a recipe hanging around for ages and I’m not even sure where I got it from, but I know I printed it from the internet. I made the batter and let it sit around for an hour until it was nice and bubbly. My first efforts at cooking them weren’t so good because I wasn’t really sure how much batter to put into the rings and I let the bottoms overcook a bit. But once I got the hang of it it became easier and the last few worked perfectly.

Crumpets are so easily available that I don’t think this is something I’ll be doing everyday, but they were really fresh and tasty and a whole new level from shop bought. It would actually be easier to put them into the pan free form and make a version of pikelets, but there’s something very satisfying about pulling the ring off and finding a nice crumpet lurking underneath!

Crumpets (makes about 12; I made half)

1lb plain flour, sifted
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
2 tsp fast action dried yeast
400ml warm milk (I used rice milk)
200ml warm water
Vegetable oil
4 greased crumpet rings

Put the flour, salt, sugar and yeast in a large bowl. Pour in the warm milk and water and mix well to get a thick batter. Cover with a tea towel and leave in a warm place for about an hour until it is a light spongy texture. Stir well to knock out any air.

Heat a nonstick frying pan over a low heat with a drop of oil. Sit the greased rings in the pan. Pour in enough mixture to fill the rings to about halfway. Leave to cook until small holes appear on the surface and the batter has dried out a bit.

Remove the rings and turn over the crumpets to cook for another minute. Sit on a wire rack while cooking the rest of the mixture.


5 thoughts on “VeganMoFo: Crumpets with marmite

  1. i have never had a crumpet! they aren’t available in stores around here. and i also have no idea what marmite tastes like. i feel very american right now, and i’m not thinking i like it.

  2. You had me at marmite…. Our “regular” grocery does carry crumpets (off and on) and I have wondered how hard it would be to make them. Thanks for the report!

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