Another dodgy photograph with yet another amazing one for you to compare it with at Vegan Yumyum! I bought a packet of gyoza wrappers ages ago and actually I think they’d been in my freezer for too long because they stuck together a bit and were difficult to work with. Anyway, I made the seitan in advance and after that the potstickers came together really easily. They didn’t even stick to the pot! I don’t have a frying pan with a lid so I had a few precarious moments juggling hot pans and dinner plates, but other than that they came out great!

Actually I thought the paprika taste to the seitan clashed a bit with the chinese spices but I have the leftovers in my freezer and plan to put them to very good use in something where the paprika taste works better. I served them with a sesame spinach salad from Asian Vegan Kitchen (recommended) and a simple soy/vinegar dipping sauce. Next time I think I’ll even try my own wrappers.


4 thoughts on “Potstickers

  1. The wrappers for potstickers are very easy to make – 2 parts bread flour to 1 part water. The difference is quite remarkable.

    I think your picture looks good!

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