White corn grits with mushrooms

One of the items that arrived in my care package from JohnP was a packet of grits. I’d heard of grits but had no idea what they were or how they were used. My first plan was to serve them as part of a breakfast with pancakes and sausages, but I still had the leftover mushrooms from France to use and I really didn’t want to waste them.

These grits are made at Falls Mill in Tennessee and there’s a description of how they are made here. The first task was to stir them into water and remove the bran which floats to the top. That took a while and I think I probably didn’t get rid of it all. No matter – it gave the grits a bit of a crunch which wasn’t unpleasant. I followed the instructions on the back of the packet and then for fun I stirred in some blue sheese and let it melt (yes, it does melt!). I know that blue sheese works well in polenta and I guessed that this would be similar. I was right! The cooked grits were like a cross between polenta and semolina and I really liked them. They went perfectly with the mushrooms, which were just fried in olive oil with parsley. They were pretty filling so I have saved up leftovers for breakfast tomorrow. What a great start to the week!

I’ll be looking for other ways to serve the grits. let me know your favourites!


7 thoughts on “White corn grits with mushrooms

  1. I’ve always wanted to try grits but as you know can’t get my hands on them in the UK. There are some other cajun bits that I’d like to try too, wish we had a supplier over here, having it sent from the States is just prohibitive with the exhange rate being so bad at the moment… Enjoy the rest of your grits!

  2. I’m glad your first experience worked out well! I will be very interested to see what creative things you do with them. I never, ever both with the bran part.

  3. I. Love. Grits. I grew up eating them all the time, although we usually had the instant kind. My favorite way is just with salt, margarine and lots of black pepper. Sometimes I add nutritional yeast and bacos for that extra something.

  4. Being a northern girl, or yankee I guess, I don’t have much experience with grits. Those look so good. I’m a recent convert to mushrooms and your dish looks to bring out their flavor. Mmmm. I’m salivating.

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