Mushroom and sun dried tomato risotto

I’d made this before but I got called away to the telephone and the rice was way overcooked. For some reason I haven’t revisited it since and I’ve no idea why.

My friends brought me back some really scary looking dried mushrooms from France called Trompettes du mort. Once I’d realised that they weren’t trying to poison me, I decided to put them to use in this risotto, from Vegan with a Vengeance.

It ended up the most beautiful and tasty risotto I’ve probably ever made and is the first one to convince me that you really don’t need cheese for a tasty risotto. The mushrooms gave me a really good dark soaking liquid which I used once I’d got rid of the grit.

I made it just as the nights are getting dark and cold and it was absolutely perfect comfort food made from pretty much store cupboard ingredients. I did use some of my favourite truffle oil on the top too. It’s expensive but really worth it for a treat.


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