For anyone not in the know, VeganMoFo stands for Vegan Month of Food. There are hundreds of really talented vegan bloggers out there, and for the month of October many of them will be doing extra VeganMoFo posts talking about all manner of interesting things to do with vegan food or being vegan. I’ve signed up to join in but I already suspect that I won’t be able to keep up. To start with, I’m going away tomorrow for a few days and won’t have internet access for the very first day of the VeganMoFo month! I’ll be in Belgium watching my football team, Everton. I follow them everywhere and in the initial few months of this blog I used to talk about them too. But a brief brush with Delia Smith’s abomination of a TV series recently taught me that generally if you are talking about food and you bring football into it you are going to look like a twat. I will do my best and I’ll probably manage more posts than I normally do. If I do nothing else I intend to update my blogroll because I have hundreds on my blog reader that aren’t listed here. I really want to talk about buying vegan ingredients in the UK, vegan cookbooks, food photography, non-vegan blogs and many other things. Keep tuned! (I might even throw some football talk in too!)


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