Jerk seitan, coconut rice and greens

It’s a long time since I’ve made anything new from Vegan with a Vengeance. I still had the last bits of my seitan left, but I’d picked out the best steaks and the stuff I was left with was quite small chunks, almost like a mince. I had a few green peppers lying around so I decided to have a go at the jerk seitan, and serve it, as suggested, with coconut rice and greens. Just as I was blending the marinade my wonderful trusty hand blender died, so the marinade was a bit chunky. Even so, this was a really tasty dish, far more so than I’d expected. I also loved the coconut rice, which is cooked in coconut milk, water and cinnamon stick, with lime zest and toasted coconut added in.

I can’t live without my blender, so I’m off to study e-bay…..


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