Gingerbread waffles and care packages

This was another test recipe for Isa’s brunch book. It’s a testament to how good it was that a) I was a bit drunk when I made it b) my measuring cups were in the dishwasher and c) I didn’t have quite enough plain flour and had to use some bread flour – and yet it was still the nicest waffle I have ever eaten. The whole house smelt like a gingerbread house; the waffle wasn’t sweet; it was just lovely and spicy. To add insult to injury, my husband realised it went really well with a glass of calvados. There was no going back from that point.

I served the waffles with vanilla Swedish Glace ice-cream and sorghum molasses. Yep, that’s right. I’d never heard of it either until the previous day, when the wonderful Johnp sent me a southern US care package. Southern US food really intrigues me. It’s almost as far removed from English food as, say, Chinese food. And when you don’t understand a cuisine, it’s doubly difficult to get to grips with vegan versions. The rest of the package includes 3 different barbecue sauces, grits, boiled peanuts, black eyed peas and hominy. And I know you are wondering, the sorghum molasses is wonderful, and perfect with the waffles.


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