Samosa baked potatoes with dahl and spicy courgettes

I had a spell of trying new things last week and this was one of them – again from Veganomicon. The idea is that you stuff a baked potato with all the yummy things you’d normally find in a samosa and don’t mess around with the pastry. It’s a great idea but baked potatoes don’t thrill me much. I don’t like microwaved versions and I don’t like waiting forever for oven cooked ones either. But while my jambalaya was in the oven I decided to throw a few potatoes in at the same time, so that the next day I could just stuff and rebake them. Genius or what?

I had heaps of courgettes to use up so I did some spiced courgettes and dahl to serve with them. I had planned to make Veganamicon quick mango chutney to serve too, but my mango was annoyingly black inside when I cut it open!

Even without it it was a really tasty dish. Handy to assemble the potatoes in advance and then just throw them in the oven to heat through too. One half served with some raita would make a really nice, novel starter too. There’s a similar idea in Yellow Rose Recipes too, so I’ll be throwing potatoes into the oven everytime I’ve got it turned on from now on.


2 thoughts on “Samosa baked potatoes with dahl and spicy courgettes

  1. These look wonderful. I was just wondering what to do for dinner tomorrow night – being Friday, I’d like to do something a little more adventurous than the usual weekday fare! – and these totally fit the bill.

    Awesome! Thanks for posting!!

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