Ethiopian crepes with potato salad coleslaw

This was another test recipe for the new brunch book. I’ve enjoyed testing so much but one of the best things about it is that its made me try recipes I probably wouldn’t have done had I just bought the book.

Both coleslaw and potato salad are not things I eat very often. I think I’ve been put off coleslaw by that little mound of cheap and nasty onion dominated vinegary vegetables that turns up all over the place. This one includes toasted cumin seeds, no onion, and is a lovely lively zingy accompaniment to the rich, spicy, earthy lentils – made into an impressive looking meal by being wrapped in crepes.

We both thoroughly enjoyed this meal – the coleslaw was perfect with the crepes and it’s always good to try new ways with lentils.


2 thoughts on “Ethiopian crepes with potato salad coleslaw

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