This was another test recipe for the brunch book, Crack of Noon. I’m generally apprehensive of anything that contains yeast as I get very easily confused about the different types and ways to use them. I’m quite lucky to live in England where bread products are generally far more likely to be vegan than in America, so I steer clear of bread making for the most part. But I love bagels so when this recipe appeared for testing I decided to give it a go. They were very easy and they looked and tasted like bagels!! Unbelievable!! As you can see from the picture they were a bit misshapen but I wouldn’t want them too perfect because then people might not know I made them myself!

I toasted some of them with Pure spread and marmite and had the others with hummus. They were so much better than the supermarket versions I can get here, even after storing them for a couple of days. They tasted good and I felt like a kitchen goddess – a perfect recipe then!


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