Fish, chips and peas

I don’t use much fake meat in cooking, but I’ve always been very impressed by the way it is used in Chinese cookery. I first really tried it in Kuala Lumpur a few years ago and was amazed at the range of it. Restaurants had whole menus with fish, chicken, beef etc sections, all vegetarian!

Fairly recently a big Chinese supermarket opened near us, and when I saw vegetarian fish in the freezer I simply had to buy it. It’s been sitting in my freezer ever since, waiting for me to try it. I should say that it’s over 20 years since I have eaten fish!

One of the best brunch recipes I’ve tested for “Crack of Noon” is beer battered tofu. The batter is absolutely perfect, so I decided to crack open the fish and batter it to serve with chips and mushy peas for a perfect English meal.

It looked amazingly like a cod fillet when I took it out of the packet. It even had a layer of nori in to give it skin! The batter of course was wonderful (what wouldn’t be improved with a coating of batter, I wonder?). The fish was good but quite chewy with a faintly fishy flavour that I think mostly came from the nori. I’ve got half of the fish left and I think that the texture would probably be better suited to a chowder/stew recipe next time, but it wasn’t at all bad!


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