Agedashi tofu with miso aubergines and cucumber salad


I’d been lusting after this meal since I saw it on the Hollow Legs blog a while ago. It’s not my husband’s type of favourite at all so I was waiting for him to be away to try it. I’d had a carb overdose at lunchtime so I decided to alter the cucumber salad to simply grated cucumber with a sprinkle of soy sauce and rice vinegar.

I simply didn’t trust half an aubergine to be grilled in that space of time so I cut thick slices instead. This was OK but didn’t thrill me. I love miso but I’d probably play around with this another time.

But the real star of the show was the tofu. Most bought dashi has fish in it so I made my own dashi by soaking some kombu and a few dried shiitake mushrooms in hot water for a few hours. The tofu was the most delicious crispy, melting texture and the broth was lovely and savoury. One of my tofu blocks crumbled a bit when I was dipping it into the cornflour, which worked out a bonus because I got a few extra crispy bits. This was a totally delicious meal and I highly recommend the tofu. I could eat it all again!


3 thoughts on “Agedashi tofu with miso aubergines and cucumber salad

  1. What kind of miso did you use? I used white, and I think it made it too sweet. I think sesame green beans is a good idea. Really though, I just wanted triple the amount of tofu!

  2. Looks delicious—fried tofu is really good. I have another recipe where it’s pan-fried, sliced, and served as a salad with a miso dressing. Not quite as crispy, but it is less scary than deep-frying.

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